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Our mission is to elevate the experience. 


What We are offering

An Elevated Experience

Treat your guests to an exhilarating visual adventure at your upcoming Presidential Inaugural Ball. Stunning photography, video, and multi-media combined with the artful posing, discrete documentation, and an immersive environment deliver an Elevated Experience.

The Annapolis Photographer and MOJOeyes have put together a team of veteran professionals with three seasons of inaugural balls dating back to President Obama’s first term. Master photographers, videographers, and graphic designers are part of our team.

As an event planner, you’ll appreciate our professionalism and pre-event planning. We nail down every detail and lay it out in our proposal. The day of the ball we arrive early and stay late. You won’t need to manage our staff. Rest assured, your guests will be pampered. Our goal is to be your dream vendor.

The video you see to the right or below (depending on your device) is from the presidential Great Gatsby Ball at the National Portrait gallery the day of President Trump’s inauguration. Those aren’t professional models, they’re everyday people being professionally posed by master photographers. With minimal champagne-sipping wait times, over 700 portraits were taken in just four hours. We had fun doing portraits but the guests had a ball.

Menu of Options

Multiple Ways to Elevate the Party

We offer multiple options to get the party going. We’ll tailor the experience to meet your needs and budget. Pick a combination that just feels right.


High-Speed Portraiture

Master photographers pose and photograph your guests during your inaugural ball. Assistants prep guests in line. Within seconds of session completion, we deliver 5″ X 7″ prints and place them in event specific folders. Larger prints and digital copies can be purchased online.


Event Documentation

The flash of strobes by seasoned press photographers amps up the excitement in the venue. Guests feel like they’re at the academy awards. The images are pumped to screens around the event and/or straight to Facebook. Shots are curated and delivered to you.


Photo Booth

When the curtain closes on the photo booth, it’s now a private session. The images range from comical to campy. To be expected, as the party goes on your guests have even more fun behind the curtain!


Video Documentation

We use smaller 4K cameras allowing the videographer to capture the essence of the event. This is great for capturing footage that can be distributed on social media. It’s also an event planners best friend after the event. The below Haiti video boosted volunteerism and donations.


Live Streaming

Let’s take the party online and live stream the event! It could be a pay per view? Or, it’s your way of including those wary of large crowds post Covid-19. There all kinds of possibilities here. Imagine a roving MC interviewing guests and taking questions from an online audience.



Paint the walls of your venue with the theme of your presidential inaugural ball by projecting a multi-media show. Do it with images, video, and graphics that we develop for you or ones you already own. Subtle and soothing patriotic waves of images set the tone for the evening. Check out the video for the Alliance for the Chesapeake that set the mood and purpose for the event.


What People are Saying

“They’re absolutely stunning! The best we’ve had at a Dardenella event.”

Paul Ervin was thrilled that his guests at the “Great Gatsby Inaugural Ball” had so much fun taking high-speed portraits.


“Fabulous fun & superb customer service!”

 “Diamonds and Denim” is a huge gala. The guys may be wearing denim but the gals are dressed to the nines. A selfie won’t do. The ladies want to be posed and pampered. Think red carpet at Cannes and you get the idea.

Diamonds and Denim

“Another successful event. Thank you!”

The Annapolis Photographer has shot Premier’s large annual client appreciation event for a decade. We never fail to please senior management and their guests. And, that’s why year after year they book us well in advance. 

Premier Planning

“Perfect execution. The multi-media set the tone for the event!”

The event planners for the Taste of the Chesapeake fundraiser were extremely pleased with how majestic images of the Chesapeake Bay floating across the walls put guests in the mood to support their organization.

Alliance for the
Chesapeake Bay

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The inaugurals balls will run Friday January 15th thru Wednesday the 20th. We have opennings now.

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