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You’re good at what-you-do and your customers love your work.  The customer base is solid but stagnant because traditional word-of-mouth has run it’s course. To grow you need to expand your customer base.  Of course, funding is limited and you’ve never engaged a marketing agency until now.

You might consider a Marketing Agency like MOJOeyes but before you do it’s helpful to know what to expect.

The purpose of every business is to generate a profit–business school 101. So the purpose of your Marketing Agency is to assist you in maximizing that profit.  In other words, if all marketing communication (marcom) activities are measured against their potential to maximize profit within some period of time (short term, near term, long term) then you’re going in the right direction.  When there is a clear return on investment (ROI) it’s easier to invest in those activities and sustain investment over time.