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Video Production

Seeing the story. Telling it with video.

We love the story telling power of video.

At MOJOeyes, we’re distinguished by our exceptional ability to understand your goals and then delivering exactly what you need within your budget.  That sounds simple but it isn’t.  We seek to learn who your audience is (demographics and psychographics) and what they need know and experience for them to react positively to your message.

MOJOeyes is skilled at assisting you in refining your message, writing your script, project management, creative design, videography, direction, editing and post production. And, what we do Monday through Friday makes Saturday even better–your wedding!


Parvilla, has enjoy a 100 fold return on the investment from a video about their bicycle fitting service – over 4,300 views.


God has given me a talent and I use it as often as possible to glorify Him.  This is a small example of a weekly video announcement.

Web-based Marketing

Use video to introduce your service and your people via a short video as Richard has done successfully here.


Brides tell me they watch their MOJOeyes video every anniversary.  This was my first wedding in 2007.

Video Montage

Video Montages are great for recapping a sports season of a life.  Here’s one we did for the Truxtun Park Penguins swimming team. This is also an example of our sports or team photography.


Simple testimonials on video go a long way in establishing credibility.  Easy to embed in a website or Power Point presentation!

30 Second Spot

Here’s an example 30 second spot.  Great for television and online commercials or for use on your website.


This is an example of a short video documenting an event for playback to an audience that participated in the event.  It also serves the purpose of promoting the next event of its kind.


This video has been viewed more that 20,000 times!  It’s an example of a video that is purely educational.  It was shot in a three hour session green screen. The benefits to the company were enormous!


Box of Rain needed a succinct way to communicate a complex story.  The video did the trick and produced the need results.


This a clip of a performance video.  These videos raise money for the production while providing instructors and performers with a great teaching tool and record of their production.

Biography Montage

We’ve done a number of memorial videos for clients.  An interesting bi-product is that we end up recovering and repairing a lot of old photographs.  But, we’ve also done a handful of biographical videos for anniversaries and birthdays.

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